Packaging helps those allergic to dusting

Jack Mans, Plant Operations Editor

January 30, 2014

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Packaging helps those allergic to dusting

Sara Lee Corp., the maker of the successful Endust® dusting and cleaning spray, has launched a new product that's nothing to sneeze at—literally. Endust Free Dusting and Cleaning Spray is the first fragrance-free, hypoallergenic dusting and cleaning product designed to reduce allergens on surfaces and in the air in order to help prevent allergic reactions; no other widely distributed furniture sprays address this issue, says the company. “We know consumers are concerned about health and wellness, but the furniture-care market doesn't offer any products for people with indoor respiratory issues,” says Stan Stoltzfus, director of marketing for Endust Free. “Endust Free is the only hypoallergic cleaning and dusting spray available in stores that meets the needs of the allergy-sensitive consumer.”

Endust recently conducted a survey of 4,111 adults, who purchase cleaning products nationwide, to determine their level of understanding about allergy triggers in their cleaning products. More than 30 percent of consumers surveyed said the act of dusting furniture causes themselves, family members or roommates to sneeze, cough or have watery eyes. However, more than 65 percent of those same consumers were either not sure or incorrectly believed that dust is the only factor responsible for their adverse reactions, while most experts agree that fragrance, and the lingering mist created from spraying cleaning products, are common allergy triggers. Allergen expert Dr. Mark Sneller, director of Aero-Allergen Research, LLC in Tucson, AZ, says it is important to not overlook the components of fragrances and their effect on indoor air quality. He recommends using products like Endust Free. “We've been conditioned over the years to associate sweet-smelling scents with a clean home,” explains Sneller. “The truth is these scents often contain chemical structures with a lot of irritant qualities that can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions for sufferers of allergies.”

To launch its new Endust Free Dusting and Cleaning Spray, Sara Lee Corp. adopted a shaped aerosol package from Crown Aerosol Packaging USA, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. ( The shaped steel container was chosen to subtly reinforce the product's health and wellness attributes on the retail shelf. The 10-oz package features elegantly curved surfaces with calming graphics of white clouds against a blue sky, maximizing brand differentiation and visual impact. Consumers also benefit from the container's easy-to-grip shape which facilitates product dispensing. In addition to its visual appeal, the shaping technique enables the product to be filled in a container that uses 14 percent less material. The steel package is also recyclable.

“Endust Free constitutes a revolutionary advancement in the household cleaners market, so we wanted our packaging to be just as exciting and unique,” says Stoltzfus. “Crown's ability to create innovatively shaped aerosol packaging not only gives our brand the visual boost we wanted, but also supports our message of convenience, health and wellness.”

The package also features the Vail actuator from SeaquistPerfect Dispensing ( The 2-piece, twist-to-lock aerosol actuator locks with audible clicks. The spray orifice is covered when it is in the locked position, making it very portable, and the large button makes it more comfortable to spray. In addition, it is a hoodless system, so there are no more lost overcaps before they get to the retail shelves or the consumer's home.

Proprietary blow-forming


The ability to create this high-impact container design results from Crown's proprietary blow-forming process, which maximizes container integrity and product protection. The process begins by placing preforms into precision-engineered molds. High-pressure air causes the steel preform to expand and take the shape of the mold. No tooling or liquid is used inside the container, preventing damage to internal coatings. Blow-forming also maintains a better surface finish and glossiness of the final package, Crown says. Endust Free's new aerosol packaging also incorporates a unique valve-dispensing system that narrows the spray area to reduce bothersome mist and overspray. This feature is complemented by a novel twist-and-lock cap, which also protects against accidental product dispensing.

Early consumer response to the package has been very positive. “In the in-home use tests we conducted with 247 consumers, 82 percent of respondents indicated that they liked the shape of the Endust Free package 'extremely well' or 'very well.' signifying a resoundingly positive preference,” explains Stzolzfus. The suggested retail price of the package is $3.99.

More information is available:

Crown Holdings, Inc., 215/698-5100.

SeaquistPerfect Dispensing, 847/639-2124.

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