2016 Drone Package Delivery report

By Packaging Digest Staff in Supply Chain on September 12, 2016

Results of the Packaging Digest exclusive research on Drone Package Delivery capture a baseline of what today’s packaging professionals think about this technology, its viability in the U.S. and the implications for product packaging design.

Among the questions asked—and answered—are:

Are drones a viable package delivery method in the U.S.? Why or why not?

Which markets do you think will benefit from drone package delivery?

Do you anticipate special packaging will be required for packages delivered by drone?

If so, why do you think special packaging will be needed?

Download the 40-page report now to see all the results.


Additionally, read about the Drone Delivery trends and recent developments in “Eyes on the skies: The dream of drone delivery starts to take flight” and “Down-to-earth drones tackle the ‘last mile.’”


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Two questions - how are the earth drones keeping packages secure from theft? When package is delivered by an earth drone someone must be home to receive package. If no one happened to be home does the drone return package to its original start point?