7 ecommerce packaging bombshells in 2018

Lisa Pierce in Supply Chain on December 20, 2018

News about egroceries, a case for branding, the pros and cons of ecommerce repacking, and Amazon (x4!) prove that online is where the action was at in 2018.

As consumers and businesses do more and more shopping on their laptops, tablets and phones, the need for products—including refrigerated or frozen groceries—to be shipped in packaging optimized for this channel increases.

Here are the top seven ecommerce-packaging-related articles that were posted on PackagingDigest.com in 2018, based on number of page views from our worldwide network of packaging professionals.


Tetra Pak egrocery report

7. Report delivers the goods on the egrocery packaging market

Mega-packaging supplier Tetra Pak focused its annual Index study for 2018 on growth and opportunities around egrocery. The research revealed four omni-channel packaging trends:

1. Convenience: This will be the main driver for online consumer take-up, as time-crunched consumers look for new ways to make their life easier. Key opportunities include easy product replenishment, voice ordering and convenient packaging.

2. Sustainability: Pressure on plastic and awareness of the circular economy will continue to grow, and recycling will become ever more important. Consumers want to know whether brands are “doing the right thing.”

3. Personalization and uniqueness: Customization of products and personalization in the consumer journey will be important differentiators going forward. This is accelerating the direct-to-consumer trend and as many as 80% of consumer packaged goods companies are predicted to migrate to this model by 2025.

4. Technology and performance: Super-fast delivery in as little as 10 minutes is expected by 2025, changing consumer behavior to buy more frequently and in smaller amounts, adding more complexity to the logistics. Supply chains will continue to be transformed by a raft of technologies, notably radio-frequency identification (RFID) and robotics, boosting efficiency and transparency.

Download a free copy of the report by clicking here.


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