7 ecommerce packaging bombshells in 2018: Page 3 of 4

Lisa Pierce in Supply Chain on December 20, 2018

Nestle on Target dot com

5. 4 reasons branded packaging is vital in an ecommerce world

Amazon’s senior manager of packaging – sustainability Brent Nelson says brand owners don’t have to go to extremes with what he calls expensive “romance” design aesthetics because ecommerce sales aren’t as dependent on the package’s shelf impact like they are in physical retail stores. That’s true.

But Walter Peterson, packaging sustainability manager at Nestlé USA, and sustainability guru Bob Lilienfeld see other reasons why branded packaging is vital for products sold online.

Here are their first two:

1. If it were not for brand identity, graphics and messaging, customers might not choose your product from the sea of available products on a webpage, which could be the consumer’s first point of online interaction with your brand.

Key point: The package doesn’t merely protect the product, it protects the brand.

2. When consumers get the shipment and open the box, the best signal for confirming that they received the right product is that the package inside matches what they saw and purchased online.

Key point: The quality of the primary package directly confirms and reinforces the value of the product(s) it contains.

Read the last two points by clicking the headline above.


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