7 ecommerce packaging developments that rocked 2017: Page 3 of 7

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Supply Chain on December 14, 2017

#5. What ecommerce packaging is going to look like in 2018

Even before we started looking back at this year’s trends and developments, Packaging Digest began predicting what changes we may see in the New Year, courtesy of ecommerce blogger Victoria Greene. She points to these five trends:

1. Frustration-free CPEX (Customer Packaging Experience), courtesy of ecommerce titan Amazon.

2. Unique design features, functional or purely decorative, to also enhance the user experience.

3. Big Data design optimization, which could help with organization and efficiency in large fulfillment warehouses.

4. Personalized packaging, to improve the brand’s relationship with consumers.

5. Sustainable and/or reusable materials, to answer consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging.


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