7 ecommerce packaging developments that rocked 2017: Page 5 of 7

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Supply Chain on December 14, 2017

#3. What Amazon buying Whole Foods might do for ecommerce packaging

Dr. Seuss might say that Amazon wants consumers to get their green eggs, ham and other groceries here, there and everywhere. He might not be wrong. Packaging Digest asked retail and business experts to analyze the Amazon/Whole Foods deal, with an eye on possible implications for product packaging. Here are a few of their keen insights:

“Amazon will likely benefit from Whole Foods’ focus on environmentally friendly initiatives—such as reusable shopping bags and eco-friendly products—in regards to delivery methods and packaging,” intuits Dan Wilkinson, chief commercial officer, 1WorldSync.

Scott Deutsch, president, Ehrhardt + Partner, North America, points out that, “Since products will all be local, delivery routes will enable less traditional box packaging.”

“At the heart of this acquisition is Amazon’s pursuit of a richer and deeper experience with its customers,” says Stephen Kaufman, chief product officer, BLUE Software.

Click the link in the headline above to read all the theories on this landmark deal from these experts.


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