7 ecommerce packaging developments that rocked 2017: Page 7 of 7

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Supply Chain on December 14, 2017

#1. Amazon on creating ecommerce packaging that’s great for all: customers, companies and the environment

Not only did this exclusive interview with Brent Nelson, Amazon’s senior manager, worldwide packaging, Customer Packaging Experience (CPEX), vault to the top of our list of ecommerce-related articles of the year—it tops the list of all the articles we posted in 2017.

Here are the questions Nelson answers:

• How important is packaging sustainability to Amazon and why?

• What are the challenges you’re seeing in ecommerce packaging and sustainability, and why?

• How can these challenges be solved or overcome?

 • Are the packaging design tips you’ll be sharing with the SustPack audience ones Amazon follows or are they what you expect your vendors to follow? Are the company’s packaging expectations different for its own products versus products other vendors sell on the site?

Packaging Digest recently wrote about a new whitepaper from Ameripen, titled “Optimizing Packaging for an E-commerce World.” Ameripen concluded that “[O]ptimizing packaging for ecommerce may very well look different than design for traditional retail, due to the different demands of the respective distribution chains.” What do you think?

• In many product categories, brand owners have switched from rigid to flexible packaging for a variety of reasons, sustainability being one of them. Do you anticipate similar interest and activity with flexible packaging for ecommerce?

• In the small-parcel shipping environment of ecommerce, the dimensional weight cost structure is causing product manufacturers to rethink their shipments for “right-sizing.” How does dim weight enter into your suggestions for how to design packaging for ecommerce?

• Much has been said in the last couple years about the popularity of “unboxing” videos and heightening the consumer’s experience with ecommerce packaging. What does Amazon do with its packaging to elevate the consumer’s experience?

• Brent, you’ll be presenting at SustPack with your colleague Kim Houchens, director of worldwide packaging sustainability. How do your two perspectives differ and why?

• What main takeaway would you like conference attendees to remember from your speech?

Prime reading—Enjoy!



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