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100% PCR RPET cartons help brands meet sustainable goals

February 3, 2020

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100% PCR RPET cartons help brands meet sustainable goals
Transparent Klearfold RPET100 cartons marry high visual appeal with enhanced sustainability.

New 100% postconsumer recycled (PCR) content version of a 30% PCR RPET clear plastic folding carton aligns with retailer and brand owners’ elevated targets for sustainable packaging.

Up until now, the HLP Klearfold RPET30 been the highest percent PCR available for plastic folding cartons in North America, but the bar has clearly been set higher with RPET100 cartons.

“When we began making 30% box-grade PCR RPET ten years ago, we arrived at 30% content as a proper balance between our customers’ sustainability aspirations at that time and our ability to produce RPET with no perceptible difference in quality as compared to our virgin APET,” says Steve Frazier, president. “Today, many major brand owners and retailers are developing more stringent sustainability goals, many to be implemented by 2025, and our 100% PCR plastic folding cartons can help them get there.” 

Things were set in motion in 2009, which was when HLP Klearfold began a vertical integration program investing in custom extruders designed to make premium-quality, box-grade plastics exclusively. The extruders enabled the company to produce RPET with 30% PCR that is indistinguishable from virgin PET.

Uncompromised performance

Combined with carefully and locally sourced postconsumer PET waste, the company is now able to produce box-grade RPET with 100% PCR with essentially no loss in quality or performance.

“This expansion of PCR offerings enables HLP Klearfold to offer something for everyone across the visual packaging spectrum” states Frazier. “For customers with sustainability goals of varying levels and timelines, we now offer superior quality PCR options of either 30% or 100%, depending on the ambitiousness of their programs. Because the collection and processing of postconsumer waste is more costly, these two PCR content Klearfold carton options are priced at commensurate premiums to virgin PET.”

The company’s vp of marketing Pat McGee informs Packaging Digest that the “RPET100 cartons are commercial with a number of customers, but we’re really just getting started. Unfortunately, there are no applications that I’m able to talk about at this time.”

The company will continue to offer Klearfold RPET30 cartons.

See the new Klearfold RPET100 carton in person at WestPack 2020 (Feb. 11-13; Anaheim, CA) in HLP Klearfold Booth 5361.


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