A great sustainability resource I found

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

1 Min Read
A great sustainability resource I found

We talk a lot around here about sustainable packaging, and for good reason. It’s an issue that affects everyone, both inside and outside of the packaging world.

One of the better resources on the web for those interested in the topic is Inside Sustainable Packaging by Salazar Packaging. There are plenty of good resources on the web that talk about this key subject, but Salazar’s perspective is unique – they actually sell packaging.

Now, that might make you immediately suspect that the blog’s comments would be hopelessly skewed – after all, they’re in the biz of peddling packaging, regardless of how “green” their products may or may not be.

But in reading through it, I’ve found the company’s blog to be thoughtful and balanced. What’s more, being in the business seems to give it a level of insight unique among many similar sites discussing the topic.

Definitely worth giving it a look.


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