Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Biodegradability enhanced packing list envelopes
ADM packing list envelopes



ADM packing list envelopes

The ECO-ADM 51, ECO-ADM P19 and ECO-ADM C16 packing list envelopes are the first of a series of biodegradability enhanced packaging and shipping products to be launched by the co. To make the packing list envelopes biodegradability enhanced, the co. adds a proprietary additive to the PE resin film prior to melting, resulting in a plastic material that can be consumed by microbes when disposed of in a microbe-rich site.

The new ECO-ADM line of products will all be manufactured using this proprietary organic additive. The co. reports that independent ASTM D5511 tests, representing biologically active landfills, have shown 10-17 percent biodegradation of ECO-ADM products within 30 days.
ADM Corp., 800/327-0718.

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