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City of Atlanta launches pilot incentive based recycling program

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

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City of Atlanta launches pilot incentive based recycling program

The City of Atlanta announcedthat a select group of Atlantaresidents will soon be rewarded for their curbside recycling efforts. In aneffort to encourage proper recycling habits, boost recycling participation,reduce the amount of recyclables being sent to area landfills and save taxpayermoney, City officials introduced the pilot rewards program as an opportune wayto move towards a greener, cleaner Atlanta.


In order to complement Atlanta'sexisting sustainability initiatives, the City of Atlanta has partnered with Rehrig Pacific, acontainer company and service provider, to bring a unique incentive based pilotrecycling program to its residents. As part of this pilot program, RehrigPacific has collaborated with key sponsor Coca-Cola Recycling, LLC and rewardspartner RecycleBank® to offer Atlanta residents a premiere rewards and loyaltyprogram that incentivizes household recycling. City officials are confidentthey will see a rise in recycling volumes and a decrease in waste tonnages. Inaddition to the benefit to the environment, the rewards program will giveresidents and local businesses a needed economic boost.


The City of Atlantaselected 10,000 households for the incentive based pilot recycling program. Theparticipating households represent a cross section of recyclers throughout theCity. The RecycleBank® rewards program will encourage better participation inthe curbside recycling program. It will also allow the City to evaluate changesin the amounts of recyclables collected from residents participating in thepilot program.


"Incentive based recycling will help us to meet ourrecycling and sustainability goals while giving something back to ourresidents. During today's recession and economic climate, saving money ongroceries, on clothing, or at the pharmacy translates to great value. We havefound a way to provide real financial rewards and help the environment at thesame time," said Mayor Shirley Franklin.


Each home in the pilot area will receive a brand new96-gallon blue cart, retrofitted with an ID tag with the resident's householdaddress and RecycleBank account number. City trucks have been retrofitted withtechnology to read the cart ID tag. Upon activating their account withRecycleBank, either online or by phone, the household will begin to earnRecycleBank Points with every pick-up.


Points can be redeemed for rewards, gift cards, groceries,and products at hundreds of local and national RecycleBank Reward Partners.Partners include giant national brands and retailers such as Coca-Cola, KraftFoods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Publix, and CVS/pharmacy, as well as localpartners like Zoo Atlanta, Radial Café, Rita's Water Ice, MetroFresh, EdgewoodAvenue Pizza, and Six Feet Under.


Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), housed in Atlanta, is a significant player in makingthe pilot program a reality for their local neighbors. Through sponsorshipdollars, they have enabled the purchase of the 10,000 Rehrig Pacific bluerecycling carts needed for the pilot program.


SOURCE: City of Atlanta;RecycleBank

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