Cork Producer Emphasizes Sustainability While Touting Advantages of Cork

January 30, 2014

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Cork Producer Emphasizes Sustainability While Touting Advantages of Cork

Amorim, world’s largest producer of natural cork products, announced that it has launched a global awareness campaign to promote the environmental qualities of cork oak forests and protect them for future generations.

The campaign includes several firsts for natural cork—the use of global viral marketing tools that includes a YouTube streaming video featuring Hollywood actor/comedian Rob Schneider; strategic appearances of Australian FreeHugs’ celebrity Juan Mann; a cork recycling program sponsored by Australian Girl Scouts; and a special FaceBook social networking site.

Carlos de Jesus, Amorim’s head of corporate communications and marketing, is elated with the campaign results so far. “After launching the campaign in Australia a few weeks ago, it has spread systemically around the world to include wine consumers and non wine-drinkers alike. It appears our program has struck a cord with people concerned with the environmental issues surrounding forest preservation and sustainability.”

At last count, the three videos of the campaign have logged over 300,000 YouTube views while our “Save Miguel” site ( has received another 65,000 visitors.

The impetus for Amorim’s global awareness campaign is quite clear. According to the company, approximately 70% of the value associated with the world’s cork forests depends on wine stoppers, not shoes or bulletin boards or flooring tiles. The inroads plastic and aluminum closures are making in some markets threaten the cash value of this important natural crop.

Amorim says that the ultimate result of this trend could be a steady decline in jobs and economic stability throughout the Western Mediterranean basin, and the loss of critical biodiversity with a likely increase in C02 emissions.

“We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously,” says De Jesus. “It’s been a way of life for us for over 100 years. It is estimated that the cork oak forests of the Mediterranean basin help offset a massive 10 million metric tons of CO2 every year ..."

The “SAVE MIGUEL” campaign is designed to educate consumers worldwide to understand the market power they have in buying and using sustainable-based products. “We are all in this together,” says De Jesus. “Even small decisions like the choice of a wine closure have global implications to a fragile planet.”

For more information on the “Save Miguel” campaign, visit For information on Amorim cork initiatives worldwide, visit

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