Former “Corrugated Recycles” 800 Number is Now an Adult Services Line

January 30, 2014

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Former “Corrugated Recycles” 800 Number is Now an Adult Services Line

In 2007 the Fibre Box Association began phasing out its “Corrugated Recycles” 800 number, which for years was widely printed on the bottom of corrugated containers. The association replaced the 800 number with a website that provided similar information.

But sometime during the transition, the old 800 number was purchased by a company offering adult services.

At this time, Packaging Digest is unable to obtain the specific 800 number to verify this fact. The Fibre Box Association offers the following information, from a press release distributed December 10, 2008:



Warning: If you have not already done so, please discontinue the printing of all “Corrugated Recycles” logos on the bottom of your boxes that contain the 800-number.  In December of 2006 we advised all industry box plants, that this number would phased out in 2007.  It no longer contains information regarding corrugated recycling and unfortunately has been purchased by an adult services organization. To avoid issues with your customers and their supply chain partners and printing plate providers, we would suggest you prioritize removing this referral from all printing dies. Please also remove this phone number from all documents, websites and any other form of communication in which this number may appear.

If you are currently using the image with the 800 number, please change to the new web address symbol listed below. Print-ready artwork for the new “Corrugated Recycles” logo, with the web address, can be downloaded on

If you prefer to avoid a mass exchange of printing plates, logos that do not include either resource are allowable. Simply use a knife (safely and carefully) to entirely remove the phone number characters from the printing plate. You may also slice it off horizontally (in the “Z” direction), low enough so the numbers have no possibility of picking up any printing ink. will provide links to database resources listing recycling mills and brokers that accept old corrugated containers (OCC). The website also provides a comprehensive look at the sustainability of corrugated, the corrugated recycling process and the wax recyclability standard.
Source: Fibre Box Association

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