New Reality Show Dramatizes Packaging Design Challenges

Think it’s easy to create a successful sustainable package? How would you perform if put to the test?

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

August 9, 2022

Oh, the drama! The agony! The emotional stress of creating a package that’s good for the environment! Packaging designers live with this pressure day in, day out.

Well … maybe not every time. But The Paper & Packaging Board — an organization that promotes the use of paper and paperboard packaging — is counting on stirring up excitement in the artistic process with its new Pack-It! video series about sustainable packaging design challenges. Two designers have 10 hours to wow the judge with an innovative, recyclable pack. [Spoiler: The packages are all made from recyclable paper-based materials.]

Watch the first episode above, which is centered on a Beauty Subscription Box.

I love this! For the simple reason that regular people (aka not packaging geeks) can benefit from learning a little bit more about what is involved in creating a winning package. The pros just make it look easy to do, but we all know it takes work.

Episode 2 is out already. Watch “A Delivery Meal Kit That’s Convenient for You and Healthy for the Environment” here:

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Lisa McTigue Pierce

Executive Editor, Packaging Digest

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