Plastic Egg Carton Disappoints Asda Shopper

Packaging often becomes the focus of outrage over plastic waste in the world. This time Asda’s see-through thermoformed egg “carton” takes the brunt of a #PackagingFail attack.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

February 18, 2021

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In case anyone was wondering if people were still giving plastic packaging a pass during the pandemic … uh, no. The reassessment about the value of single-use plastic packaging for hygienic reasons peaked early in 2020 and then dropped like a hip-hop’s waistline.

Before this New Year was even 48 hours old, an ecommerce shopper from Bath, England, spanked British retailer Asda on Twitter for its use of a plastic egg package. @BarnabyDodwell was shocked, shocked I say, when his delivery of groceries included plastic packaging where it shouldn’t have been, in his opinion — gently protecting a delicate dozen of uncracked ovum, easy to see in the clear packaging. (Hmmm … wonder if the benefit of letting consumers see all the product could have contributed to Asda’s packaging decision?)

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Dodwell asks, “Are you [Asda] not conscious of the significant issues of plastic waste in the world?”

A quick review of the company’s sustainability strategy shows that it not only knows, but is working diligently toward its goal, made in 2018, of reducing plastic packaging by 15% (by weight) from its store brand products. As of October 2020, the company had clocked a 9,300-ton reduction of plastic.

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