Sustainable packaging: Edible cups?

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Sustainable packaging: Edible cups?


From comes these very interesting edible cups. According to the site, the cups were created by design consultancy The Way We See the World for Gowanus Studio Space’s second annual Jell-O Mold competition.

Now, to be 100% accurate, the cups aren’t actually Jello, but agar. That said, they’re just as edible and they’re said to have a similar squishy texture. The cups were made in a number of tasty sounding flavors, including lemon-basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet.

Yeah, I know … the rosemary-beet flavor doesn’t sound all that yummy. But hey, you get the point. It makes ya’ think - wouldn’t it be cool if all packaging was edible? It sure would save us that whole prickly question of recycling.

Then again, if edible packaging was really possible, would you really want to take something like a computer box off a dusty retail shelf and dutifully munch down the box after it’s all set up? And then what the heck would you do when you realize two days later that you need to return the darn thing?

Okay. So maybe edible packaging should be left for Chinese rice candy and stuff like that. But it still makes me think.

And if nothing else, these are some really cool looking cups!
- d!b


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