10 sustainable packaging surprises in 2018

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2018

While Amazon’s ecommerce packaging news spiked in the second half of 2018 and commanded a lot of attention, sustainable packaging maintained steady and consistent interest among the packaging community throughout the entire year. In fact, one of the best-read articles of the year was our review of the top sustainable packaging articles from 2017.

But a lot happened this year, too! Sustainability wonders in 2018 included innovative packaging designs, helpful tips, emerging trends, new technologies, effective production improvements and stimulating thought-leadership commentary.

You voted throughout the year with your clicks so we could present this countdown of the top 10 sustainable-packaging-related articles of 2018, based on page views at PackagingDigest.com:



10. Sustainable packaging innovators earn kudos

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition honors innovation and leadership in sustainable packaging with its SPC Innovator Awards. Winners and honorable mention recipients for 2018 were:

In the Packaging Innovation category, Coca-Cola North America earned the Packaging Innovation category award for its 89-oz Simply Orange juice bottle, which vastly improves its recyclability and presents a technical “first” in plastics manufacturing. And Earth-To-Go received an honorable mention for “expanding” polylactic acid (PLA) by up to 40% as a compostable replacement to the typical polystyrene packaging used in foodservice applications.

In the Breakthrough Process category, Envision and ViTA won for creating the OceanBound Plastic Bottle, which fights marine debris by diverting plastic bound for entering waterways and recycles it.

In the Outcome of a Partnership category, winners PepsiCo, Natureworks, Danimer Scientific, Omya, Berry Plastics and Johnson-Bryce worked together to develop, test market and then commercialize new bio-based compounds for flexible packaging for several of PepsiCo’s businesses, including Frito-Lay. And an honorable mention went to American Packaging Corp. for its supply chain collaboration to develop a stand-up clear barrier pouch with rigid fitment that is entirely recyclable through store drop-off.

Two deserving people won the Outstanding Person award: Ashley C. Hall, senior manager of sustainability, Walmart, and Victor Bell, president, Environmental Packaging Intl. (EPI).


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