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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2018

Conagra sustainability award winners

5. How Conagra rewards packaging line workers for cutting waste

Also in our year-end list of top packaging production articles, here’s another “awards” recognition article to celebrate sustainable ideas on the packaging line.

Conagra’s vp of sustainable development Gail Tavill shares details of three packaging-related winners of the company’s 2018 Sustainable Development Awards:

1. The Slim Jim operation in Troy, OH, eliminated more than 500 tons of film waste annually by modifying the cutting assembly on the stick pack machine, which also allowed for quicker and less expensive repairs and reduce unplanned stops.

2. The David Seeds operation in Waterloo, Iowa, saved 225,000 bags of seeds a year by purging seven bags instead of the previous 10 during start up before reaching the correct residual oxygen level during nitrogen flushing.

3. The operation in Milton, Pa., achieved a 2% yield improvement (projected at $350,000) while reducing 1,150 tons of wasted sauce per year by adjusting the filler. 


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