10 sustainable packaging surprises in 2018: Page 7 of 10

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2018


4. P&G’s PureCycle cleans recycled PP to ‘near virgin’ quality

John Layman, Procter & Gamble’s R&D technology manager and founding inventor behind the PureCycle technology, explains the process of purifying recycled polypropylene, now licensed to PureCycle Technologies. The hope is to increase the amount of PP being recycled and reused in new packaging. In the past, the quality of rPP has been a deterrent because of too many contaminants.

Why does recycled PP need to be so clean, though? “Brand owners want to offer superior products and packaging is an important part of the consumer experience,” Layman replies.

The technology might be transferrable to other materials. But in the meantime, Layman says, “P&G has a long-term environmental vision to use 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging. The rPP from PureCycle will help P&G make progress against this vision.”


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