5 favorite packaging stories from August 2018

in Sustainable Packaging on September 13, 2018

Our monthly review of the top articles of the previous month reveals a strong interest in sustainability (no surprise there, right?), flexible packaging and an amusing but accurate look at what personifies a packaging engineer, courtesy of 30 packaging engineers from around the world.

Our audience chooses these top articles and I usually don’t editorialize or let my feelings intrude. But, because packaging is blessed with a lot of good people who deserve recognition, this time I’m going to just mention… While it didn’t make the top five list, my favorite article of last month is “Marchetti: A new generation of packaging professionals” because it was so much fun to do. You’ll read about a trio of young new packaging professionals who have three things in common: parents, Cal Poly and a passion for packaging. Do you have a packaging-family story to tell too? Comment at that article to share your tale.

Now, let’s take a look at what news our global packaging community found especially compelling—based on page views at PackagingDigest.com—during the month of August 2018.


5. 10 packaging trends and news rockin’ 2018 (so far)

At the end of June, instead of reviewing the top articles Packaging Digest posted in May 2018 (based on page views), we looked back at the first half of the year. To see where the industry is headed and identify emerging trends, it’s always helpful to analyze where we’ve been.

So from January to June 2018, here are the top packaging developments:

1. 5 packaging design trends on the way out in 2018

2. 8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017

3. Chew on this: Packaging trends for new sweets and snacks

4. Decadent Delici dessert packaging designed for Costco

5. How sustainable are biodegradable and plant-based plastics?

6. Chill-Can presents a new twist in on-demand cold beverages

7. 166 new packages to inspire you

8. 5 top packaging developments in May 2018

9. Amazon on creating ecommerce packaging that’s great for all: Customers, companies and the environment

10. Nestlé Waters’ sparkling new packaging signals major rebranding


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