8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2017

Projects by Coca-Cola, McCormick and Procter & Gamble led our top sustainable packaging articles of the year, with some of the highest page views of all stories posted this year on PackagingDigest.com.

And three out of our list of eight articles were published more than a year ago—proving the staying power of great ideas.

Follow us down a rewarding path of sustainable packaging achievements and new ideas, starting with a company that has 23 billion-dollar brands…


#8. First fully recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic points to new plastics economy

Procter & Gamble put its might behind fighting the marine debris problem with a project to reuse plastics collected from beaches.

P&G partnered with TerraCycle and Suez, the largest waste management company in Europe, “to source, develop and put out the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25% beach plastic for the world’s #1 shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders,” says Tom Szaky, TerraCycle’s founder/CEO and article author.

In this piece, Szaky also introduced our audience to the New Plastics Economy, a movement that challenges organizations to “move away from the existing linear, take-make-dispose economy” and rethink/redesign plastic packaging by applying the regenerative principles of the circular economy.


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This is a great read! We actually just did an article showing the importance of Sustainable packaging. http://epeusa.com/blog/sustainable-packaging-do-consumers-really-care/ Check it out for more information on how consumers think about sustainable packaging.
This is a great article! We actually just did a story on how consumers think about sustainable packaging. Check it out here for more info. http://epeusa.com/blog/sustainable-packaging-do-consumers-really-care/