A ‘green’ sweep in October

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 16, 2017

Sustainable packaging trends—along with a unique package for new Green Giant frozen veggies—scored high last month with our online global audience of packaging professionals. All of our top five articles in October 2017, based on page views at PackagingDigest.com, share an element of green.

Working our way to #1, we start our list with…

#5. “Rethinking premium packaging from a recycling viewpoint

Premium products often use upscale, elaborate and excessive packaging that is often unrecyclable—creating a disturbing amount of waste. But sustainability leader Tom Szaky reminds us that packaging can—and should—say “special” in sustainable ways, too.

“Innovating out of the box with packaging that is both impressive and recyclable reduces waste and creates value by standing out from competitors,” he says. Just look at his examples of how Puma and Boxed Water differentiated their brands by designing sustainability in (click article link above).


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