A ‘green’ sweep in October: Page 2 of 5

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 16, 2017

#4. “How the 4th industrial revolution will impact packaging, part 2

After logically laying out how the fourth industrial revolution will impact packaging in part 1, Sustainable Packaging Coalition senior manager Kelly Cramer itemizes seven ideas in part 2 on how packaging people can adjust to what might well be the new normal.

1. Reconsider the context and friction of your packaging.

2. Note how Amazon is disrupting the new context and friction of packaging.

3. Embrace collaboration.

4. Invest in data acquisition and analysis.

5. Minimize distractions.

6. Equip packaging and sustainability professionals with the right skills and information.

7. Change attitudes and the way decisions get made.

Her analysis and advice benefits nearly everyone involved in packaging. Definitely worth the read! (click the headline link above to read the entire article)


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