A ‘green’ sweep in October: Page 3 of 5

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 16, 2017

#3. “Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

It’s no surprise that articles about sustainability do so well with packaging executives and engineers, developers and designers…92% of respondents to Packaging Digest’s 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study say sustainable packaging has never been more important.

That is just one insight of many in the 34-page report, which you can download for free when you click on the article headline above.

Done in partnership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the report contains more than 30 charts and six sections:

Part 1: Sustainable Packaging Education

Part 2: Sustainable Packaging Sourcing

Part 3: Recycled-Content Packaging

Part 4: General Sustainability for Packaging

Part 5: 10-Year Surprises

Part 6: Respondent Demographics

(If this article looks familiar, you may recall seeing it in the #4 spot of top five articles from September 2017.)


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