Autumn flaunts food and beverage packaging developments: Page 4 of 5

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on October 18, 2019


2. Dasani’s next 5 steps to greater packaging sustainability

This article moved up from the #5 best-read article in August to #2 in September.

In an exclusive interview with Sneha Shah, group director, packaging innovation, Coca-Cola North America, we learn about how leading water brand Dansani will help the company reach its goal of packaging containing 50% recycled material by 2030 as part of a circular economy initiative.

1. Meet the HybridBottle—the next generation of the PlantBottle—which is made of up to 50% plant-based renewable (PlantBottle) and recycled PET (rPET) with the balance virgin PET. Previously, the material mix was 30% renewable and 70% virgin PET.

2. Aluminum cans enter the packaging mix in three ways with the introduction of new 12- and 16-ounce aluminum cans and new 16-ounce aluminum bottles.

3. Dasani embraces weight loss, gram by gram. It will continue to lightweight packages across its package portfolio. Part of that effort involves expanding the use of Plasmax coating technology, which provides excellent shelf life and allows designers to reduce overall bottle weight.

4. Dasani is adding How2Recycle labels to all packages, starting this fall, to help educate and encourage consumers to recycle the packages after use.

5. The brand started to deploy 100 Dasani PureFill water dispensers across the country beginning in fall 2019. Featuring a smaller footprint than the successful Coca-Cola Freestyle platform, this version of PureFill is a compact countertop unit that reduces the amount of prepackaged bottled water, while making it more convenient for consumers to enjoy the brand.


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