Interest in reusable packaging swells

Bold sustainable packaging initiatives by Nestlé and TerraCycle that are focused on reusability gained worldwide attention, along with other sustainable developments, from our global audience in February 2019.

Based on page views, here are the top five articles people read last month from Packaging Digest:


5. How Nestlé is innovating its way to 100% recyclable or reusable packaging

The world’s largest food and beverage company has ambitious sustainable packaging goals. Walt Peterson, Nestlé USA’s manager of packaging innovation and sustainability, talked about them in February at WestPack 2019. Here is the 28-minute video of his presentation, where he talks about how Nestlé is harnessing partnerships and cutting-edge technology to get there, including its participation in the ground-breaking Loop initiative ( More on Loop is coming up…


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Too bad Nestlé steals water and ruins aquifers; kinda takes away from these other initiatives.