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2. Packaging peers react to Loop’s daring reusable-packaging model

Experts in packaging sustainability and packaging professionals on social media mostly praised the news about Loop, a new circular shopping platform where consumers in Paris and New York can buy popular branded products in durable reusable packaging. (Spoiler Alert! The Loop-announcement article is coming up next. It was the top news of February 2019. This was a follow-up article to that.)

On LinkedIn, the chatter harkened back to the old days when reusability was standard operating procedure:

Robert Lilienfeld says, “Back to the future. And, premium brands are the way to do this, as they have both the margins and interested customer base to be successful.”

Gunther Brinkman shares, “Our grandparents could manage to leave the bottles outside for the milkman, and our children re-use growlers at their favorite micro-brewery. If the economic incentives are there, this is an idea whose time has come.”

Packaging Digest also reached out to industry experts, including Brian Wagner, co-founder and principal, PTIS LLC, who thoughtfully presented a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of this reuse model.

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Too bad Nestlé steals water and ruins aquifers; kinda takes away from these other initiatives.