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1. Loop and big brands boldly reinvent waste-free packaging

No surprise that the biggest packaging news of the year, which we posted on Jan. 24, hits our #1 spot for the month of February.

Will Loop be the milkman model for the future? The initiative is a new ecommerce and retail shopping platform where all the products are sold in reusable, recyclable packages—Häagen-Dazs ice cream in a stainless steel pint, Tropicana orange juice in glass bottles, Pantene shampoo in aluminum cylinders.

Our extensive coverage of the news includes a 43-minute video of an interview with Loop inventor Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, along with a Q&A from the TerraCycle team that gives all the pertinent details, such as:

• How Loop was developed and why;

• What the root causes of waste are;

• How Loop challenges the idea of who “owns” product packaging—from consumer back to the brand;

• What Loop’s immediate growth plans are.

If you haven’t heard about Loop yet, click on the headline above to hear about this audacious venture.

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Too bad Nestlé steals water and ruins aquifers; kinda takes away from these other initiatives.