Paper or plastic? 6 sustainable foodservice packaging options for both: Page 2 of 5

By Rick Lingle in Sustainable Packaging on May 13, 2019

Load & Fold and Load & Seal Tamper Evident Home Delivery Bags

Description In working toward improved prepared and grocery food delivery for third-party delivery services, convenience stores, grocery stores and quick and limited-serve restaurants, Novolex developed products to keep food safe in transport and preserve food quality, while also reducing the amount of waste associated with shipping and handling. The recyclable plastic bags are designed with tamper-evident closures for food safety while maintaining heat and food freshness and integrity.

When introduced Load & Fold in 2018, Load & Seal in 2019

Materials/structure The substrate is customer-dependent for a choice of plastic or white or kraft paper.

Status There have been extensive trials and interest for both products in this line. These are in test with several large- and medium-size foodservice and retail customers. Novolex is also receiving interest from many global customers that request pricing quotes and trials.

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