Solutions to the plastic packaging conundrum vary

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 19, 2019

We’re drowning in plastic packaging waste, according to some sources, and need to act now to fix it. Should we boost recycling rates? Develop non-plastic alternatives? Educate consumers on the many valuable aspects of plastic packaging? Yes, yes and yes.

A review of the best-read articles posted on in October 2019 show a fixation on plastic packaging sustainability. It’s not surprising, considering all the brand-owner activity in this area in response to consumer sentiments (see “Consumers want non-plastic packaging options”).

Here is what the global Packaging Digest audience has been voraciously reading the last several weeks:


5. Ball Corp. presents the plastic-replacing aluminum cup

The switch from plastic drinking cups has already started at major entertainment venues and concessionaires across the U.S. In August, Ball Corp. announced a number of parks and food outlets would start using new 20-oz aluminum cups in September 2019, with the change continuing throughout 2020.

In addition to being lightweight yet sturdy, the recyclable metal cup stays cool to the touch, offering consumers an enhanced beverage drinking experience.

“The aluminum cup is a game-changer for the industry,” Sebastian Siethoff, Ball general manager, tells Packaging Digest.  “We hope that our customers and consumers view the aluminum cup as a sustainable and easily recyclable alternative to plastic cups, which are currently a mainstay of stadiums, restaurants and beaches and often end up in the trash or on the ground.”

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