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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 19, 2019


2. Remedies for single-use plastic packaging

TerraCycle founder/CEO and sustainable packaging visionary Tom Szaky amazed the world early this year with the introduction of Loop, a new circular shopping platform that gives consumers the opportunity to buy their favorite products in durable, not disposable, packaging.

But reusable packaging isn’t the only answer to today’s single-use plastic packaging backlash. In his latest article for Packaging Digest, Szaky outlines a new RB Health & Nutrition Recycling Program—launched in time for cough, cold and flu season. This national recycling program recovers health-and-wellness packaging from RB, as well as from any brand, in these categories:

• Vitamins, minerals and supplements 
• Sexual health and well-being 
• Infant formula and child nutrition 
• Personal care and foot care

Szaky outlines, “From blister packs to baby formula tubes, even condom wrappers and personal care product tubes, the program accepts the many, varied types of packaging that deliver the products we use in everyday life. It also allows retail stores, colleges, gyms and other organizations to sign up as a public drop-off site and build up the recycling network.”

Click to learn more or to participate.

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