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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 19, 2019


1. 9 innovative food and beverage packages from around the world

Amid all the anti-plastic packaging sentiment, we also celebrated innovations in plastic packaging in October 2019 with our review of select winners in the 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards, the prestigious awards program originated by DuPont that has been continued by Dow after the two companies merged in 2017. We focused on winning entries in the food and beverage markets.

The competition is open to any packaging innovation, not just those using plastic. However, notables in these nine entries that specifically address plastic packaging sustainability are:

• The Diamond Runner up: Amcor’s Paperly thermoformable paper-based packaging on Page 3, which gives processed meat and cheese packaging a rustic look and feel (image above).

• A Gold Award: DuPont Teijin Films LuxCR Depolymerisation Process on Page 9, which helps to overcome challenges of mechanical recycling and food contact compliance for recycled plastics. It depolymerizes mechanically recovered PET back into the BHET monomer unit that’s indistinguishable from virgin monomers.


These top articles from October 2019 on are just a few of the activities taking place to address consumer and industry concerns about plastic packaging sustainability. CLICK HERE to sign up for our newsletters to stay informed about this critical packaging issue.


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