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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on April 26, 2018

Outcome of a Partnership: PepsiCo, Natureworks, Danimer Scientific, Omya, Berry Plastics and Johnson-Bryce commercialize bio-based barrier films

Through strategic partnerships with key material suppliers, PepsiCo has been able to develop, test market and then commercialize new bio-based compounds for flexible packaging for several of its businesses, including Frito-Lay.

PepsiCo worked with key resin manufacturer, NatureWorks, and leading bio-polymer compounder, Danimer Scientific, to produce the new bio-based compounds. Calcium carbonate additives, supplied by Omya, were modified to create the right interaction with the bio-polymers and to make the materials more cost effective. Berry Global adapted its film extrusion lines to handle the compounded resin and produce high-quality films. And converter Johnson Bryce optimized its process to print and laminate the new films.

“It is an honor to receive this award from the SPC. PepsiCo has the privilege of working with some great vendors within our supply chain and it is with their help that we were able to introduce the next generation of bio-based/compostable packaging,” says Brad Rodgers (pictured above with the bag), R&D director of sustainable packaging and advanced materials research at PepsiCo. “We look forward to continuing to expand the use of these materials over the coming years.”

Accepting the awards are (from left to right) Sridevi Narayan-Sarathy, senior principal scientist, global snacks packaging R&D-discovery, PepsiCo; Darrell Kellner, senior manager, R&D/quality, Johnson Bryce; John Moore, svp, business development, Danimer Scientific; Brad Rodgers, R&D director, sustainable packaging and advanced material research, PepsiCo; Monroe Moore, senior manager, technical services, Omya; David Stanton, North America retail, NatureWorks; and Wesley (Wes) Porter, sales director, Berry Global.


Honorable mention, Outcome of a Partnership: American Packaging Corp. creates a stand-up pouch with rigid fitment that is entirely recyclable

By redesigning the traditional stand-up pouch with a fitment closure, converter American Packaging Corp. was able to create a clear barrier package that can be recycled through store drop-off. The development required collaboration throughout the supply chain:

Material manufacturers include Dow, ABX, Jindal, Isoflex, Charter-NEX Films and Berry Global.

Fitment manufacturer is Hoffer Plastics.

Pouch maker is Widmann Ultrasonics.

Recycling validation was performed by TREX.

Karlville Development played a crucial role in facilitating the pouch production effort.

Accepting the honorable mention is Chris King (right), product development engineer with American Packaging Corp., and Mercedes Candedo, new business development leader with Karlville Development.


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Congratulations to all the winners! Environmental issues are close to many people's hearts and that could include your customers. Nowadays, firms are expected to do their bit to help the environment or at least not contribute to the problem. Than Nguyen
Kudos to all the winners. Environmental issues are close to many people's hearts and that could include your customers. Nowadays, firms are expected to do their bit to help the environment or at least not contribute to the problem. One way to do this is by turning to reusable packaging. Than Nguyen
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