Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

Lisa Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on September 19, 2017

Sustainability in packaging has never been more important. So say 92% of respondents to the 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study. Now in its tenth year, this annual research provides insights into the trends, issues and concerns of the sustainable packaging community. 2017 is no different.

• Whose job is it to educate consumers on sustainable packaging? Brand owners—89% of them—think they are mostly responsible. How does social media play a role? Download our free 34-page report to find out.

• When it comes to packaging materials, brand owners are currently sourcing more fiber than plastic, but they are more interested in sourcing bio-based or post-consumer recycled plastics. Which markets might be ripe for a switch in packaging materials? We tell you in our data-filled report.

• Most companies (74%) put an emphasis on using recycled-content materials for their packaging. That helps fuel the market for recyclables, which, in turn, feeds the demand for recycled content in a positive economic circle. But companies not using recycled content have some pretty good reasons. We share some of their verbatim comments in our comprehensive report.

The report, which you can download for free below, analyzes the full results of the 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study, which is conducted by Packaging Digest in partnership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Each year, we ask questions about general trends in packaging sustainability, which give us year-by-year historical statistics. But we also include questions on current hot topics. For 2017, we asked about Packaging Education, Packaging Sourcing and Recycled-Content Packaging (which corresponds to the three bullet points above).

On Thurs., Sept. 14, Packaging Digest and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) presented highlights of the survey results in a webinar, which you can now view on-demand. The report contains insights from Packaging Digest; watch the webinar to also hear insights from SPC’s associate director Adam Gendell.



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Please push for materials for skin care samples using sugar based resin with good barrier properties. Currently there are no good alternatives to resin made from fossil fuels with which to make sample packettes. There are packettes made from paperboard, these are foil lined and unrecyclable. Companies large and small are seeking alternatives for their sampling. You have the forum to influence the industry. Sampling is here to stay, let's be more environmentally friendly about it.
Your editorial references the report, and I would like to download the report, yet there is no link to do this. Please can you advise. Many thanks
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