Sustainable packaging peaks in October 2018

Lisa Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 06, 2018

News, ideas and advice about packaging sustainability captivated our audience in the month of October 2018. All five of the best-read articles on during this time covered the topic of sustainability in various ways. This is the second consecutive month where all the top articles shared a sustainability theme.

Based on total website page views for this fall month, here are the top articles packaging professionals are reading (in reverse order):

Delici dessert cups

5. Decadent Delici dessert packaging designed for Costco

When are heavyweight glass cups the sustainable package of choice? When they are reusable, of course! Packaging Digest reported on Delici’s package for its premium desserts sold at Costco back in April 2016. Yet this article has remained a favorite with our global audience for more than two years, consistently showing up in the Top 10 month after month.

Part of the reason it remains popular this year—beyond the great design—is because Packaging Digest refreshed interest in it by reporting on another winning design from the company earlier this year in January 2018: “Sensational soufflé packaging reunites Delici with Costco.”

It’s inclusion in this list is sure to sweeten the page-view pot even more.


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