Sustainable packaging peaks in October 2018: Page 4 of 5

Lisa Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 06, 2018

Amazon SIOC example

2. Amazon incentivizes brands to create Frustration-Free Packaging

When Packaging Digest broke the news on Sept. 18 that Amazon is now asking vendors of select products to design and certify their packaging under its Frustration-Free Packaging program or endure ongoing chargebacks, we knew your interest would be high and sustained. We were not surprised that this was the No.1 article in September, even though it only had 12 days in the month to tally page-view clicks. And we’re still not surprised that it ranks No.2 for the second month. (It’s currently also the No.2 article of the year.)

The big news is still making its rounds—spurred by even newer related news Packaging Digest posted on Nov. 1: “Amazon’s packaging vendor incentive program crosses the pond.”

The vendor incentive program looks to make significant gains in positive opening experiences for Amazon shoppers, packaging waste reduction and ecommerce shipping efficiencies. What do you think? Take our short survey now:


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