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Lisa Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on November 06, 2018

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1. 10 ways to design sustainable packaging with intent

In mid-summer 2016, industrial design director at Kaleidoscope Bryan Shova succinctly outlined 10 principles of designing sustainable packaging. These helpful tips continue to resonate with our global audience—and saw an unprecedented spike in page views this month when it went viral in India.

In a nutshell, Shova recommends:

1. Start with commodity materials that are commonly recycled.

2. Design the package from a single material.

3. Focus on the product-to-package ratio.

4. Design for assembly at the point of manufacture.

5. Avoid gluing and laminations.

6. Design for distribution.

7. Eliminate secondary and tertiary packaging when possible.

8. Design for disassembly.

9. Clearly mark the materials on the packaging components.

10. Use Lifecycle Assessment.



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