Sustainable packaging remains hot during 2019’s winter

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on February 21, 2019

What happens when you combine sustainable packaging with ecommerce challenges? You get an idea of what packaging professionals were especially concerned about the first month of the new year.

Based on page views, here are the top stories the Packaging Digest audience found most compelling in January 2019. We start from the bottom up with…


5. 3 challenges of ecommerce packaging (from an insider)

Emmy Corman, package design engineer at Dollar Shave Club, is facing at least three challenges when it comes to ecommerce packaging:

• To be less wasteful by using less materials or reusable packaging.

• To offer a new type of “shelf presence” with better graphics or branding; or to elevate the unboxing experience.

• To optimize returns via the small parcel shipping environment, which is a concern brick-and-mortar retailers don’t face.

The good news is she has ideas for all three that any ecommerce marketer can copy. Click the headline above to read about them.


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