Sustainable packaging tops best-read chart for September

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on October 03, 2018

We saw a clean sweep in September, with our top five articles of the month all related to packaging sustainability news and trends—from a cube-efficient square pizza to an A to Z overhaul of ecommerce packaging.

Based on page views at, here are the five articles our global packaging community found most interesting during the month of September 2018—starting with the fifth in line and ending with the No.1 article of the month (which I predict will also be the No.1 article of the year).


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5. 8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017

Talk about staying power…This is the seventh time our review of the best-read sustainable packaging articles in 2017 has appeared in our monthly “top articles” list this year. One reason for its popularity is its vast number of ideas and potential solutions for today’s sustainable packaging challenges.

Here are the sustainability stories you continue to find useful:

1. 5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016

2. How sustainable are biodegradable and plant-based plastics?

3. Are refill stations the answer to packaging waste?

4. Ahh…Coke refreshes its sustainable packaging strategy

5. Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

6. Is 100% recyclable flexible packaging possible?

7. McCormick’s recipe for packaging that’s more sustainable

8. First fully recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic points to new plastics economy


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