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Lisa Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on October 03, 2018

Flexible packaging

4. How flexible packaging trends are shifting and why

Packaging Digest wrote another chapter in the saga of flexible packaging’s meteoric growth in America with thorough insights on today’s trends from industry leaders up and down the supply chain.

Here are highlights from the experts:

“Our industry can and must do a better job of helping consumers see the benefits of plastics in the context of the total lifecycle environmental footprint.” — Jonathan Quinn, performance films market development manager, Nova Chemicals

“In the future, it is possible that all machines installed in a plant will be connected to a cloud system that will help them to improve their efficiency and performance.” — Raúl El-Fakdi, flexo brand manager, Comexi

“Continued work in using renewable resources is yielding new materials, and easier ways to use recycled materials make it more viable to increase the amount being used…” — Louis Piffer, senior sales engineer, Davis-Standard

“We also see a reduced demand for legacy large packaging format products as consumer demand shifts to private label offerings in smaller package formats.” — Tarun Manroa, evp and general manager, engineered materials division, Berry Global

“I see the biggest growth for SUP packages, and single-dose packaging in over-the-counter pharmaceutical—mainly due to convenience and safety of the single-dose unit.” — Troy Snader, svp, flexible packaging, Pro Mach


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