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Flip-top pouch fitment delivers clean dispensing
Mess-free and controlled dispensing for flexible packaging meets consumer convenience needs.

Flip-top pouch fitment delivers clean dispensing

Fitments have been popular on standup pouches because of their dispensing functionality. The new FlexFit flip-top closure—the first product to be introduced from WestRock, the company established through the recent merger of MWV and RockTenn—adds another element of convenience.

The high-density polyethylene closure has a “latch-back” feature that keeps the cap fully open during use to ensure mess-free dispensing. See a product demo here. It’s also molded in one piece so the cap stays connected to the package for the life of the product.

Consumer trends of urbanization and mobility helped drive the development of FlexFit, as well as continue to fuel growth in flexible packaging. Bill Riley, vp, Global Innovation, Research & Development and Design at WestRock, explains, “The growing urban population needs solutions that can be refilled and stored in small spaces; and consumers want products that fit into their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Brand owners are no different. They want solutions that cost less, use less material than rigid bottles and can be easily shipped. FlexFit delivers on each of these attributes.”

The closure comes in various orifice sizes and shapes to address the needs of different products, including liquids and flowable powders. The large round style is 8.6mm, the medium round is 6mm and the ribbon is 4x8.6mm.

The versatile dispenser provides directional pours for food and non-food applications. We’re talking about products such as condiments, sugar, beverages, detergents, hand soap refills, sunscreens and more. At 2.4 grams, the lightweight FlexFit uses less material than other comparable fitments, according to its maker.

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