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New products: Materials

Flexible toothbrush packaging

The Toothbrush Mail-Back Pack is the first and only flexible package in the toothbrush market says the co. This matte-finish package is designed to be easy to open, while showcasing a life-size toothbrush on the exterior. In addition, the package doubles as a postage-paid return-mail envelope for Preserve’s recycling program. The package is made of a matte-finish multi-layered lamination with the potential to be used in a variety of markets where consumers require a durable package that can also be reused and recycled, says the co. Using a pouch instead of hard-molded plastic reduces the amount of material needed to produce this package. This leads to less waste and improved shipping efficiencies. Having the consumer reuse the same packaging to recycle the toothbrush reduces the environmental impact of the product as well as the packaging, says the co.

Printpack, Inc., (404) 460-7000,

Heat shrink sleeve labels
The co.’s printed shrink sleeves are designed to enhance products for shelf appeal on a wide range of products. The shrink sleeves are said to be especially well-suited for Promotional/Multi Combo Packs. Full coverage labels offer a 360-degree advertising platform. The labels provide primary decoration to products creating visual appeal and increased point of purchase sales, says the co. The product is also said to offer the capability of providing product distinction and recognition with tamper evidence all in one.

Gilbreth Packaging, 215/785-3350.

Packaging handles

The co.’s handles are said to be well-suited to wide range of food and beverage and consumer goods applications. The co. offers custom inline automated application equipment designed to run with minimum downtime and maintenance.

PakTech, 541/461-5000

Hot melt adhesives

Advantra® LT hot-melt adhesives are designed to provide all of the performance, maintenance and sustainability benefits of metallocene polymer technology in a low temperature formulation, says the co. The co. offers a white paper on Advantra for packaging, which discusses how these hot-melt adhesives can enhance performance and efficiency while helping manufacturers meet sustainability objectives.

H.B. Fuller Co., 651/236-5900.

PET polymers
Polyclear® Seal PET 7001/7003 for low-melt applications, has been added to the co.’s sealing-grade PET polymers portfolio. Both PET 7001 and 7003 address the market’s need for a low-melt, sealing-grade PET polymer. Both polymers feature exceptional performance in use, with the primary difference being that PET 7001 is produced with an alternative catalyst. The continuous polyester polycondensation pilot line was the cornerstone asset in the development of these polymers, the co. states.

Invista, 877/446-8478.


The co. introduces a process that uses injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) to create a new type of container handle.  Called Deep Grip™ packaging, the technology enables significant grip depth of more than 25mm or 1 in. on either side, with an extremely thin grip “web” thickness of less than 0.3 mm or .01 in., says the co. The end result is a grip deep enough for the average hand to completely close around without fingers touching the container wall.  The comfort and handling ability is similar to that experienced with a traditional handle, says the co. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging up to 6 l. or 1.5 gal, and beyond. Maximum bottle diameter is 220mm or 8.6 in.

Plastic Technologies Inc., 419 867-5400

Flexible packaging components
The co. offers wide range of flexible packaging options including pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, neck bands, sample packaging (including packets, pouches and sachets), blister pack backing, clamshell inserts, rotary silkscreen, cold foil and more. The co. is a supplier to a wide array of industries and market sectors, including personal care, health and beauty, natural and organic food and beverage.

Overnight Labels Inc.,  800/472-5753.

Protective packaging

The new patent-pending Korrvu® Hybrid™ package design looks like Korrvu retention packaging but provides the performance of Korrvu suspension packaging. The hybrid package uses a proprietary retention frame and elastomeric film to hold items securely in place during shipment. When the side flaps of the corrugated retention frame are folded up, the resilient film is loosened, creating an insertion pocket where the item is placed. When the flaps are folded down, the film, which is attached to the corrugated frame, stretches over the product and holds it securely in place.

Sealed Air Corp., 800/648-9093.

Synthetic paper

The manufacturer of synthetic papers is promoting a program where it can help brand managers and product developers gain advantage in the marketplace by helping them find synthetic paper solutions that meet their needs throughout the entire packaging process, including design and converting processes. According to the co., using synthetic paper eliminates the need for adhesive and backing materials associated with p-s and heat-transfer labels. It prints cleanly for increased brand awareness and shelf appeal and offers a 100-percent recyclable solution. It resists moisture, chemicals and abrasion and prevents peeling or flagging, and it is available in clear IML for a no-label look.

Yupo Corp. America, 757/312-9876.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Pentapharm® kpVantage® films are high-performance polyester films that incorporate a range of structures to meet pharmaceutical packaging needs. The films are designed to be processed on existing equipment, maintaining all critical package components — no need to change tooling, lidding or package design. They can be used as mono films for pharmaceuticals requiring low moisture barrier, or they can be integrated into barrier structures for products that require more protection from moisture and gas. Suitable for solid oral-dose packaging, ethical drugs, OTC, generics, physician samples, veterinary medicine and nutraceuticals, the films form at lower temperatures, decreasing energy usage requirements.

Klöckner Pentaplast Group, 540/832-1427.

Plastic pails
Twist-and-Lock containers open with a push of a tab and a twist of the plastic lid.  The patented closure system is currently available for 3-, 3.5-, 5- and 6-gal plastic pails, with 1- and 2-gal sizes available soon. The pails are recyclable and can be stacked. They also pass child-resistance and senior-friendly protocols and meet UN performance requirements.

Plastican, Inc., 978/728-5000.

Card multipack
The co. releases its five-card multipack to the gift card market. The bonus pack increases a customers’ incentive to buy that particular pack, the co. states.

J&J Packaging, 800/446-4844.

Recent additions to the co.’s line of flexible products include the Cheer Pack® and the Smart Pail™. Cheer Pack is a flexible, spouted, single-serve retail pouch serving the food and beverage and cosmetic industries. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible, vacuum-formed plastic liner that offers the option of a hermetically sealed lid and/or snap-on plastic cover, corrugated box and corrugated lid; it was developed for viscous and dry products, states the co.

CDF Corp., 508/591-6777.

UV additive
CrystalClear PET UV additive masterbatch permits bottle molders and sheet processors to offer clear, non-yellowed packages with superior UV protection that preserves product integrity, color, flavor and nutritional value. Unlike standard PET UV technology, which imparts an unsightly yellowish tint to the package, new CrystalClear UV additive achieves a clean, clear, non-yellow package with protection up to 380 nm, the co. states.

Ampacet, 914/631-6600.

Resealable packaging
Zipbox™ was created to respond to the need for a resealable closure on products such as cereal and pet food. Zipbox is designed to combine the structural benefits of traditional cartons with the convenience and resealability of flexible pouches. The product is well-suited for cereals, snacks, baking supplies, frozen foods, pet treats and powdered laundry detergent, the co. states.

Zip-Pak, 800/488-6973.

Polyvinyl film
The co.’s breakthrough in water-soluble film clarity has created MonoDose™ Crystal™ film, which provides high-clarity in polyvinyl alcohol films, eliminating the slight film haze as a result of the chemical make-up of film and the production process. The films are used for individually packaging doses of a variety of different products, including agricultural chemicals, detergents and disinfectants. When the sachets are introduced to water, the film completely dissolves and releases the product, the co. says.

MonoSol, 219/762-3165.

Barcode labels

Long-range barcode labels are specifically designed for reading at distances up to 50 ft. Printed on retro-reflective film, they are an efficient way to mark bulk-storage locations. Additionally, they can be mounted to placards to ensure they are both easy to install and to use.
William Frick & Co., 866/669-7590.

The #10 pouch is a flexible packaging solution noted for its aseptic, retort and hot-fill capabilities, making it suitable for liquid food. The pouch does not require BPA lining for food preservation. The highly resistant material allows fitment or spout application for product dispensing,

Fres-co System USA Inc., 215/721-4600.

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