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Reclosable end boosts can convenience

Reclosable end boosts can convenience
First up for the REOE end is the 12oz can to be followed by a microwavable bowl.

The “Recloseable Easy-Open End” (REOE) from HeatGenie is a platform technology that can be customized to a variety of beverage and food cans…and reclosure is not its only benefit.

Reclosability offers added convenience and is a feature common on plastic containers and bottles, but not on conventional metal food and beverage cans. That changes with the development of the “Recloseable Easy-Open End” (REOE) from HeatGenie. In addition to reclosing, the new REOE closure technology from offers consumer-friendly advantages with increased ease of opening and the elimination of sharp edges. According to HeatGenie, the REOE will be available at a competitive cost comparable to easy-open ends already in commercial use.  

Besides being a novel way to open and reclose metal cans, the REOE is customizable for different aperture shapes and sizes and is compatible with conventional filling operations.

As can be seen in the above image, here’s how it works: When applied to a beverage can, the REOE eliminates the stay-on-tab and rivet construction of the conventional pull-tab closure.  Instead, a frangible score line is created around the aperture panel that completely eliminates sharp edges.  The can is opened by pushing forward on a sliding metal tab that tracks along a shallow retaining channel formed in the lid.  This causes the pour-spout aperture panel to disengage from the can end while at the same time securing onto the tab. Pulling back on the tab withdraws the aperture cover to open the can and pushing forward recloses it. Notably, there are no loose parts.

First applications for 12oz cans

“Our intention is to first develop a standard 12-ounce end used for soda and beer cans,” Rosemary Whaling vp business development, HeatGenie, informs Packaging Digest. “Next would be the standard 7.5-ounce microwavable bowl.” She also notes that the rollout timeframe will be determined by brand owner interest.

The development is intended to run on existing filling and other production machinery. “The technology is designed to be seamless for food and beverage packaging companies,” notes Whaling. The ends’ use will be validated for retort and other processes once HeatGenie has production prototypes, says Whaling. 

Currently, HeatGenie is in discussions with a can manufacturer to produce commercial quantities of REOE beverage ends, beginning with pre-production samples for testing. Brands interested in evaluating or licensing the technology can contact HeatGenie directly. 

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