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Tamper-evident sports closure opens with the push of a button
The push-button feature on the Avantage cap clearly shows that the bottle has been opened.

Tamper-evident sports closure opens with the push of a button

The Avantage cap that opens with one hand also clearly indicates tamper-evidence and has an integrated drop band that tethers it to the bottle.

Do you like things that conveniently open with the push of a button? Then you'd probably like the new Avantage sports closure as much as I did because it adds push-button convenience to bottled drinks. It offers several distinct advantages found in its ingenious design that balances convenience with safety. It looks different from other sports caps because it is different and offers these features:

The tamper-evidence is compromised when the flip-top cap is removed by pushing the button on the closure front;

Once opened, the press button has a permanent whitening effect to indicate that the product has been opened; and

It offers a spill-proof valve.

And thanks to a patented Stay-With drop band, the polypropylene closure remains tethered to the bottle top as a safety precaution for children to prevent choking.

At Pack Expo two weeks ago where it was on display, Matt Schalewski, AptarGroup account manager, told Packaging Digest that the tethering of the cap is also intended to reduce littering while increasing recycling rates for the closures.

Intended for on-the-go-beverages, the Avantage was commercialized in October in the United Kingdom for a children’s beverage from Ribena that’s available in 200- and 250-mL sizes.

According to AptarGroup, several independent focus groups have shown that consumers young and old are automatically drawn to press buttons. That’s borne out by the highly favorable reviews posted at the Ribena website that specifically call out the closure:

"Both my girls loved their Ribena Minis. I was particularly impressed with the opening and non-drip tops! Thanks to the Ribena minis gang for making my life as a busy mum a little easier"

Zoe, London

"The Less mess cap is perfect when you’re out and about, they are mum friendly, bag friendly and car friendly."

Sarah, West Moseley

The closure is available in a 28mm neck finish for cold ambient filling and has a 7-mm SimpliSqueeze orifice.

For more information, visit the Avantage page at the AptarGroup website.


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