Package Integrity Testing: What Do You Use for Your Sterile Medical Devices?

Daphne Allen in Testing on April 06, 2018

Testing is one of the most critical endeavors of packaging development for sterile medical devices.

A few years ago we put together this overview of then-available package integrity test methods--and it is now time for an update, with your help.

To help us better understand the current state of the art, we invite you, the users of these methods, to complete a short survey on package integrity test methods. We’d like to know what the most popular test methods are, what challenges you are facing, and how you might be addressing those challenges.

Our survey is anonymous, and we’ll share the results and anonymous comments in an upcoming article. We'll also share details in an upcoming presentation at EastPack/MD&M East in New York City on June 12. This presentation will offer a comprehensive overview of available package integrity test methods, detailing their operation, sensitivity, and alignment with industry and FDA consensus standards.

Please help us by clicking here.

And be sure to join us at at EastPack/MD&M East in New York City on June 12-14. In addition to hearing the results of this survey, you'll have the opportunity for 3 days of free packaging education at the on-floor EastPack Hub theater.

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