1 thermoformer makes 3 package formats: skin, vacuum and MAP

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Thermoforming on November 06, 2018

Flexible production—being able to run one pack style today and a different one tomorrow—ensures a competitive edge in the market. That’s the advantage of a new thermoformer that can produce rigid and flexible formats—including skin, vacuum and modified-atmosphere packs (MAP)—without major adjustments to die lifts.

VC999 Packaging Systems will launch its advanced p-Series rollstock thermoformer at the upcoming PackEx Montreal 2018 (Nov. 14-15; Montreal, Quebec) in Booth 1701. The modular system allows components to be interchangeable to adapt to product revisions and subsequent packaging line changes—extending your machinery investment for future growth.

Able to withstand IP69 washdown, the stainless-steel system is engineered with minimal horizontal surfaces for easy hygienic cleaning.

Forming- and sealing-die lifts deliver even pressure for consistent, visually appealing packages. On a swing-arm, the user-friendly HMI integrates diagnostics and tracks metrics for live setup and historic production data collection and reporting.

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