6 concepts for easy-open clamshells need your vote

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Thermoforming on September 30, 2016

Think choosing between Hillary or Donald is the biggest decision to make in early November? Packaging professionals will face another election—selecting which clamshell package design is the easiest to open.

An interactive exhibit at the Dordan Manufacturing booth at Pack Expo 2016 will present six examples of clamshells that are easy to open and reclosable, and are suitable for a variety of retail products. These clamshell packaging designs represent the company’s recent efforts to develop a clamshell that simultaneously keeps products safe from pilferage while allowing the consumer to easily open and reuse the package.

Dordan president/CEO Daniel Slavin explains, “Clamshell packaging is great at keeping product safe from pilferage at retail as it is designed to be difficult to open. However, wrap rage—consumers’ sited frustration with opening clamshell packaging—continues to be the thorn in my side as a thermoformer of clamshells. By experimenting with different easy-open clamshell features and concepts over the last year, Dordan now offers a tool box of design elements that can enhance the consumers’ clamshell opening experience.”

Here’s a preview of each concept. The winner will be revealed immediately after the show on Dordan’s corporate blog, at www.dordan.com/blog. [11-11-16: See the results here.]

Like our national political election, you can register to vote in advance on the Dordan website at http://www.dordan.com/register-for-easy-open-clamshell-vote-at-pack-expo. They want to make sure they have plenty of samples for everyone to try. Follow the live testing throughout the show on Twitter by following @DordanMfg.

Cast your vote after opening the different clamshell examples at Pack Expo 2016 (Nov. 6-9; Chicago) in the Dordan Manufacturing booth E-8505.


Concept 1: Two-part clamshell with faux RF-seal via cross-hatching; large undercut platform keeps two parts together when snapped at the corners.

This easy-open clamshell concept looks like it is RF-sealed by the stylized cross hatching of the flange but is actually a reusable, two-part clamshell consisting of a flat front panel that snaps into a formed tray via large undercuts. The clamshell is opened by popping a front panel corner free of the undercut and removing it from the formed tray.


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