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"World of Cups 2015" and Launch of the New Large IC-RDM 76K

Heilbronn, June 2015. –  „World of Cups 2015“in line with this motto ILLIG, manufacturer of thermoforming lines, welcomed almost 200 participants from the whole European economic region and even from South America and India to their RDM-K Open House in Heilbronn, April 21 and 22. Presentations on state-of-the-art automatic pressure forming machines of the RDM-K series for combined forming and punching were supplemented by different practical machine demonstrations. Serial production of samples of different shapes and sizes was demonstrated on a total of six state-of-the-art high-performance thermoforming lines. The participants were particularly interested in two exhibits: The new large IC-RDM 76K which was presented to the public for the first time as well as an IC-RDM 70K, interlinked with a newly developed RDML 70b IML-T unit.

Cups with sealed rims were produced on the new, large IC-RDM 76K out of PP using a 60-up mold, cup diameter 75 mm, height 100 mm – with an hourly output of about 126,000 cups. The higher productivity of the IC-RDM 76K can be attributed to its even larger forming area (760 mm x 530 mm) compared to the forming area of the well-known IC-RDM 75K (700 mm x 450 mm) which is already considered “large”. The lower table in lightweight design is also a new feature which still allows high movement speeds in spite of the enlarged forming area, such as achieved by the IC-RDM 75K. Very precise movement sequencing is achieved together with very high running smoothness and in conjunction with an innovative gear for the main drive this last but not least also results in an extended service life of the mold. Further performance features such as calculation of basic setting for all heater and machine parameters, process monitoring to detect possible material tears, visualization of process data for analysis and optimization of the thermoforming process, optimized mold change, etc., allow a very high productivity of the IC-RDM 76K with high process reliability and high product quality at the same time.

Decorated rectangular polypropylene tubs were manufactured on the IC-RDM 70K production line with RDML 70b, forming area 680 mm x 300 mm, using an 18-up mold, at a speed of 16 cycles/min resulting in an hourly output of 17,280 tubs. The tubs were decorated on all four side walls and the bottom in brilliant photo quality directly during forming.
An IML unit especially designed for this task removes the printed labels from a magazine and places them into the mold’s cavities in the forming station of the thermoformer. During the subsequent forming process the label bonds permanently and true to contour with the part’s walls. The large decoration area is a special benefit contributed by the IML-T technology which, among other purposes, can also be utilized to comply with the new legal obligation to provide nutritional information. Moreover, the label can even add to increased pack rigidity – subject to geometry and quality. As a result, the material thickness can be reduced (saving of material costs) and the pack’s top load is still maintained. The fact that every cavity in a mold can be loaded with an individually printed label is a further advantage provided by the IM-T technology developed by ILLIG. This also allows product changes to be performed fast and with little effort. Labels made of all conventional materials can be processed as well as labels made of PS and PP even through to paper labels.

ILLIG is a global leading supplier of high-performance production lines and molds for thermoforming plastic materials as well as of solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio comprises the development, design, fabrication, installation and start-up of complex manufacturing lines and individual components. With branch establishments and agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For more than 65 years, this owner-managed enterprise has been serving its worldwide clientele as a reliable partner in cost-efficient thermoplastic molding of sophisticated precision parts backed by innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and a comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.


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