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Packaging Education and Training

In today's competitive landscape, it is more important than ever to stay on top of the latest technologies and innovation as they continue to evolve at light speed. Certain organizations such as The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) are committed to developing networking and educational opportunities that help packaging professionals be successful within their organizations.


Having the rights tools at your disposal is key to furthering one's career path. Some examples of networking and educational opportunities include attending trade shows, webinars, enrolling in online courses as well as signing up for in-person training.


Becoming a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) will also likely increase your chances of earning between 7% and 10% more than non-certified professionals, according to the most recent IoPP salary survey. To achieve the CPP status one must demonstrate substantial industry knowledge and experience, which is measured through a flexible applicant testing process.


Those who are planning towards a future in the packaging community may look to enrolling in a prestigious program offered at several universities across the country where they can gain access to the highest level of packaging education and insight into ground-breaking research. Currently the nation's largest packaging program resides at Michigan State University (MSU) which was established in 1952 as the first program of its kind. The School of Packaging (SoP) stands as the nation's largest and most comprehensive packaging program, and has conferred more than 7,000 degrees.