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Neopac The Tube

Neopac is the worldwide packaging specialist for development and production of Polyfoil® high barrier tubes. Neopac is a leading tube provider in the premium segments of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dental industries for capacities from 1ml to 300 ml.

The privately owned Swiss Company Hoffmann Neopac AG in Oberdiessbach is a worldwide specialist of high-barrier Polyfoil® tubes for the pharmaceutical industry, mainly for dermatology, ophthalmic, animal and pain relief products. Neopac produces tubes with excellent barrier properties and customer specific applicators, setting a high value on cleanroom technology and Good Manufacturing Practices. Neopac produces its goods on three dedicated pharmaceutical tube lines in clean room environment; in accordance with ISO class 8/9 requirements and EC guidelines for the good manufacturing practice of pharmaceutical products. Particle and microbiological monitoring procedures confirm the cleanliness of the tubes and premises. Roughly eighty per cent of production is exported, in particular to European customers but also to the USA, Japan and China. Neopac manufactures the smallest flexible barrier tubes in the world with filling volumes of 1 to 5 ml, in diameters of 10 and 13.5 mm.


Stylo™ tube - the new way of writing skincare

The Stylo™ tube rewrites your product’s success story in a choice of three different applicators: the Stylo™ Liner – meticulous, the Stylo™ Pipette – precise, and the Stylo™ Bristle, which softly strokes the skin. Apply liquid and semi-solid skincare products easily and precisely. The aesthetic ring ensures correct discharge and protects the product. Users intuitively understand how the ring works thanks to the arrow pictogram. The cone-shaped cap protects the applicator. Start a new product story with Stylo™. Available for 10-20 ml content.

Dropper tubes - Perfect droplets

The unbreakable dropper tubes control the contents and ensure precise application. Regardless of the pressure on the tube, the formation of the droplets always remains the same and the amount of the exiting liquid remains constant. Thanks to the cannula, a liquid or semi-liquid product reaches the desired location – hygienically and cleanly. The Polyfoil® barrier laminate protects the contents against oxygen, light and water vapour and ensures that all active ingredients stay in the product. Available for 3-50 ml content.

Child resistant tubes - Child resistant and easy to use.

Child resistant caps are a very important issue in the market, not only because of the new safety regulations in the USA. Neopac’s certified systems provide child resistant caps that are also easy for adults and the elderly to use. What is more, the high barrier properties of the Polyfoil® tube ensure that the contents are always well protected. Available for 1-150 ml content.
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Neopac produces Polyfoil® tubes with excellent barrier properties and customer specific applicators, setting a high value on cleanroom technology and Good Manufacturing Practices.
Closures, Applicating
Neopac's range of caps varies from single-dose tubes with twist locks, flip-top caps ans screw caps. User-friendly applicators such as airless pump tubes, soft or cooling tips, roll-on and dropper tubes are even more unique.